Downtown Sydney Transformed by Light for ‘Vivid Sydney’

Gisele Bündchen photographed by Michel Comte for Vogue Italia September 1999

orgasmic-books asked: lol yes it is! X) Love your blog btw. And hey, are those your stocking feet in the pic?

THANK YOU THANK. yes they are, they frequent my feets….dino socks


Homeless children living in an underground passage under the Pouchkine Square. Moscow, 1992.
© Lise Sarfati

be careful when you say nothing

these blues i have are making me very religious now.

 take nonexistence and nothingness:

pronounce it IS nonexistence because it is the absence of something,

yet giving it a name so in that very second comes into existence.

sweet nothings came from eastern religions.

because they could be said in language and disappear in understanding.

and how did i feel so much love

in so much nothingness. 

did i take _____ and call it love or

is it love and it feels like _____?

is the total peace i feel,

nonexistence of love

that i call love?

or is language to make love indistinguishable and the user irresponsible?

have i found love? (love is nonexistence) 

or have i not? (love is existence)

are you not calling, and not wooing, and not honoring and therefore i love you?

or are you not calling, and not wooing, and not honoring and i decide, yes still i love you… first with language and letting the symbols in my brain trickle down to my puddled heart…

it is so

i say it is so

i love you

and then


Arthur Fischer, Satyr Satisfies Nymph

liquid study #4


Pamela Tiffin

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